Haere mai! Welcome to Mairtown Kindergarten's blog.

Nau Mai Haere mai. Welcome to Mairtown Kindergarten's blog.

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How to comment

Blogs are a great way to share ideas and for us at Mairtown to hear your thoughts about what we get up to at Kindergarten.

When we list a post on children's activities which shows the learning taking place, it is great for us as teachers if we can share with the children feedback and comments about their work.

To leave a comment
1. Click on the phrase '0 Comments' (or 1 comments etc depending if previous comments have been made) at the end of a particular post. Below is an example of what this looks like - however on our Mairtown page this is in a green font.

2. A pop-up window opens with a list of comments already left, and/or a space to type in your own comments. it looks something like this.

3. Type your comment in the box provided. Type your name at the end of the comment if you wish.

4. Select your log-in. You can choose Anonymous if you don't have one, or if you have a Google Account you can use that.

5. Click on "Publish your comment" in the orange box when you are finished.

Comments WILL NOT be viewable immediately. All comments are sent to Mairtown Kindergarten for moderation - this is a safety issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our discoveries and learning experiences. We would love to hear your thoughts, so please don't be shy and now you know how - add your comments to our site.

Mairtown Team