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Thursday, 15 March 2012

An example of emergent curriculum

Emergent curriculum is a way of planning based on children's interests and passions, as well as the teachers. Emergent curriculum starts with the children's interest but is extended on through the interactions and planning of the teachers. Engaging in children's interests provides opportunities to focus on 'topics' which are important to the children.

On Monday we had a great example of emergent curriculum.

'Opportunities to look closely at the subject helps
children to gather visual information'

Tui-belle arrived at Kindergarten with a cricket in a jar. She had found the cricket at her home and wanted to bring it in to share.

The cricket created lots of interest. After looking closely at it in the jar and discussing its details, Tui-belle and Dihansa went on to make some drawings. This is called 'drawing from observation' and helps children to notice the finer details of the subject.

To extend on the children's current knowledge and ideas, Kim then offered the opportunity to use clay to sculpt a cricket, transferring information from 2D (drawing) into 3D (sculpture).

Tui-belle's and Dihansa's drawing and work then became the inspiration for other children to make a study of a cricket.

An idea for an Emergent curriculum topic may be sparked by anything or come from anywhere. What is important is that the subject is reflective of children's or teacher's interests and the opportunities for extension that are provided.

Kim, Rachel, Christine

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