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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monarch Caterpillar Metamorphosis - continued!

We have finally managed to capture the last stage of the Monarch butterfly metamorphosis. We had two butterflies emerge from their chrysalides yesterday, but weren’t quick enough with the camera! We did it today though – well done Zair.

We all had a feeling another butterfly would hatch today. Many of the children had observed one of our chrysalides was very dark in colour with the orange and black of the butterfly wings visible when they arrived at Kindergarten this morning. Quite suddenly, the chrysalis cracked open and very slowly out came the butterfly. As you can see from the video, the wings at first are tiny and wet. The butterfly clings to its chrysalis as ‘hemolymph’ a blood-like substance of insects is pumped through its body and wings. After about one hour the wings are full size, dry and the Monarch butterfly is ready to fly. What an amazing transformation.

Many of the Mairtown children have been totally absorbed by the process, demonstrating great patience as they check on the chrysalides each morning. We have some wonderful observational drawings on display of caterpillars and butterflies at Kindergarten – come and have a look.


1 comment:

TracyP said...

it was lovely to arrive at Kindergarten this morning to see this in person!!! And watching Zair balancing on the chair! Nice camera work Zair! Can't wait to show Abbey the video in the morning!