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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Look what appeared at Kindergarten this afternoon...!

Wow...how exciting is this, and what a surprise!

We had a rather large delivery of some wonderful tree stumps.

This video shows the first of the trees being lifted by crane into place. This stump comes from a Kahikatea tree, and is placed lying down (as in the photograph below).

This stump will be great for physical activity such as balancing, climbing, jumping off, crawling along......the list goes on.

Hvar and his mum were driving past and arrived just in time to see some of the work taking place.

The second tree stump is from a Totara tree, and is far more gnarly. This was cut into two, giving us in total three stumps laying close to one another.

We hope our new tree stumps will be extremely versatile, whilst also encouraging problem solving, risk-taking and lateral thinking.

They also feel wonderful to touch, creating opportunities for sensory exploration and an appreciation of the natural world.

Making some smaller stumps from a limb of the Kahikatea tree.

What will everyone think when they arrive at Kindergarten in the morning? We can't wait to see.


1 comment:

Molly said...

Those tree stumps are awesome! I especially like the second one- the one with lots of chopped down branches!