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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Gifts for the magic tree

On our nature programme, one of our special places to visit in Mairpark is a clearing with a huge old Puriri tree. The children have fondly named this the 'Magic tree' and for the past six weeks we have visited it on every excursion, swung in its branches, taken shelter and discovered its 'Magic'.

As Wednesday 13th July was the last week of the nature programme for term 2, on Tuesday the 12th July we meet with the children to view and discuss a provocation about leaving the tree a gift.

After reading a story we then questioned the group about the type of gift we could leave for the 'Magic tree' without leaving litter in the bush. It was decided that clay would work well, like Brearna said "When it rains, it just turns to dirt".

So what would we make to thank the tree and show our friendship?
Brearna "A caterpillar, no a heart cause I love the tree"
Heidi "A chain"
Shinayah "A plant"
Briah -Rose "A big heart"

As the children worked and began to sculpt, their ideas were transformed and extended until we finished with hearts, puriri flowers, leaves, snails and a baby in a basket.

On Wednesday we lay our gifts at the Magic tree's roots. "Thank you magic tree" we said and Brearna added "Thank you magic tree, thank you for letting us come everyday".

Our completed gift is taken to the tree, consolidating a friendship of children and nature

Written by Kim 

posted by Christine 16th July 2011 15.22

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Molly said...

The new nature forest program sounds great! What a good idea, leaving the magic tree a gift!