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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Our new cargo net

On Friday an exciting package arrived at Kindergarten - our very much awaited brand new cargo net. Obviously the children were all extremely keen that we put it straight up so they could try it out.

    The children demonstrated great patience as they waited for their turn.




Some of the children's words as we unpacked and began to assemble the cargo net:

Eva "that's a climbing thing"

Hvar "Its a spider web"

Juliet "We haven't done this for a long time. We've never done it - but we will soon"

And as they started to climb the cargo net:

Juliet "I want to do it again as I did it so well"

Finn "I can't do it. It's too scary for me"

Brearna "Its hard. I'm going to have another turn. I made it. It's real hard"

Hui-Nathan "I thinks its good because I climb up to the top. Look I'm up to the top. Look I have strong muscles"

Grace "I'm using my muscles, my arms and my legs. I can't get over yet. It will be so much fun to go over. One more turn, I want one more turn. I don't think I can go over. I'll try tomorrow again, I'll keep practising".

What a challenge this is going to be - I wonder how many children will be able to climb right up to the top and back down the other side?

Links to learning:
- Children will gain increasing control and awareness of their bodies and what they can and cannot yet do.
- Self-esteem grows as children engage in new challenges and recognise their own growth and accomplishments.
- Fosters a positive attitude about physical activity and healthy lifestyles.
- Refines existing motor skills and develops new ones.



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Molly said...

Wow! That net looks so fun! I also love the slideshow, super clever!

Terry Cobb said...

Its really great and fantastic cargo nets.