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Monday, 21 May 2012

Excursions into Enchantment

Our weekly adventures into Mairpark via the Nature Programme sees us crossing a bridge over the Hatea river. This bridge provides in-valuable opportunities for both play and imaginative ideas. We regularly stop to gaze at the river flowing beneath us or drop twigs for a quick game of Pooh Sticks and quite often the children are captivated by the idea of a Troll living underneath.

It was the conversation about the Troll under the bridge which inspired Donna to revisit this idea with a small group of children from Friday's Nature programme back at Kindergarten today.

Black vivids, paper and  coloured felts were provided to enable the boys to transfer their ideas into media. The coloured pens were offered in response to the children's desciptive narrative about the colours and feelings of the Troll.

As the boys settled into their work and chatter around the table it was interesting to observe how  a topic of high fantasy could provoke their imaginations.

'The magical world of fairy tales is especially suited to the dream-like world of the child' - Rahina Baldwin - The magical years

For each of the boys the troll in Mairpark was represented in an individual style, however when looking closely at their work, what is consistant in their theories is that  regardless of the features the troll is definately 'a little bit scary'.

Drawing is an excellent medium for children to share their ideas and imaginings. 'Remarkable things can happen when children work in small groups investigating topics that fascinate them as they build on each others discoveries and explanations'. - Ursula Kolbe


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Anonymous said...

Kim what a great blog post, it is great to see the children inspiring and encouraging each other. Their conversations were truly imaginative and creative, which in turn produced the work here. Awesome