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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Exploring light, colour and shadow

Last week we re-introduced the children to working with OHP’s (overhead projectors) along with light box tables, with which they are already very familiar. By moving a few pieces of furniture around, we now have a corner of Kindergarten dedicated to the exploration of light, colour and shadow. 

Last week the children learnt they could easily manipulate light by placing transparent objects on the OHP’s or light table; and this week we are finding that the children are constantly re-visiting this area, continuing to notice and unearth more theories about light and its properties.

A collection of interesting shapes and objects has enchanted and engaged the children; leading them in their play to encounter and make detailed designs, constructions, story-telling and creativity.

Designing, drawing and construction are all enhanced when light shines from beneath, as in this light table work.


Wonderment & Awe

Some of the light tables have had an assortment of objects on them – but appear to be all of the same colour. This leads the children to notice the finer details of colour - how many hues of green are there? 

In these photographs the children were positioning an item onto the OHP so that the image ‘hit’ the paper on the wall, they were then able to trace around the projected image. This concept is much harder than one may think however, and requires trial and error, some clever thinking and lots of experimenting; as when you move object down the OHP screen the object appears to go up the wall, and when you move it right, on the wall it goes left and so on!

Lucas made a wonderful discovery about the projected images of elephant’s trunks that he was positioning on the OHP, “Hey look, when I put them on this way, they point that way” – a great observation.

Even manoeuvring your body in order to trace around the image takes some skill. As Aimee told me, “It’s all a bit tricky, my head keeps getting in the way, I’ll have to bend right down here to do it instead”.

“When you see shadows cast, you often see things you didn’t notice before” (Kolbe, 2007)

A favourite game of the children at Mairtown is to play the characters in the song ‘There lived a princess long ago’. Using acetate sheets, the children designed their own characters for a little show.

The use of light as an art medium is an example of the principle of transparency.

Have a look at the video clip below….


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