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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Camp fires at Kindergarten

This term we are introducing  'fire experiences' into our programme. Our vision is to provide weekly fires in the cooler months for cooking, warmth and social experiences.

The creation of fire is an essential factor in a Nature programme. It is one of the four elements and provides opportunities for children to experience success and self-accomplishment when starting a fire from scratch that will ultimately cook food.

When planning the fire we rung our friend Jeff from Atomic Furniture in Parua Bay. Jeff makes funky, sustainable designs which often use re-cycled items. Our new fire is based on a successful European model with a wonderful re-cycled twist, all the materials have been re-used. The basket is a wheel hub from a car!

Over the past week we have been discussing our fire with the children. This has included some very important safety rules and lots of idea sharing about what we might be able to cook together.

Christine draws a 'safety bubble' around the fire

Today we had our first fire with the children. The plan was to cook 'Garlic bread'.

Fires provide many opportunites for learning including:

Making paper balls and laying wood for a good fire base (mathematical and science concepts).

Being part of a group and working together (contribution).
Carrying up wood to make the 'safety bubble'.

Developing fire safety skills and awareness (Rangitiritanga)

Making links with our families and community (Whanaungatanga)

Warming our hands

Today we used our especially made 'paddles' to cook the garlic bread. These paddles are great as the long handles allow the children to sit comfortably outside the 'saftey bubble' whilst participating in the creation of delicious kai.

The garlic bread was a hit! 'This is delicious' reflected Eden and we agree. This wonderful new fire will be a well used and welcome resource over the next few months. I wonder what we will cook next?

Kim Townsend

To contact Jeff at Atomic Furniture call (09) 436 5698


TracyP said...

ohhh what an exciting new thing to be exploring!! Can Abbey stay at Kindergarten another term!?!?!?!

Mairtown Kindergarten said...

'I like marshmellows and bread on the fire. The bread was hot, I eat the hot part but it didn't burn my tongue'

Mairtown Kindergarten said...

'I put paper and wood in the fire. I liked having the bread, i liked the garlic. I want to cook marshmellows and toast next'

Mairtown Kindergarten said...

'I loved my garlic bread, I puffed and puffed and the paper towel rolled on it then it nearly blew away! I didn't touch the wood on the safety bubble, that's how I kept safe'

Anonymous said...

You guys continue to amaze me with the simplicity of your ideas, and the impact they have on our kids. Brilliant idea to have these 'bbq's. Eve couldnt stop talking about what was going to happen at Kindy this week! Thankyou all for continuing to empower our children : )