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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Swing Ball!

Here at Mairtown we were presented with a very thoughtful surprise from one of our families.  This gift was unwrapped at yesterday afternoons group time, causing a great deal of excitement.  Everyone went home with a sense of anticipation that the next day at kindergarten we would be setting up and using this wonderful new resource.


So, today dawned as the day of the great Swingball unveiling.  After some initial untangling as we got set up, the games soon began.

We were then treated to some fine displays of athletic prowess requiring concentration, determination,gross and fine motor skills, eye tracking, and some serious muscular strength and exertion--phew!   


The new equipment proved to be so popular that soon a large crowd had gathered, all eagerly awaiting their turn.  We found that we had to practice a lot of waiting.

We decided that there were so many people that we really needed to write a list to keep track of whose turn it was now and who would be going next.  That was the easiest way to keep track of so many of us taking turns.

Keeping track of who was up next and who needed to be crossed off the list was hard work but we managed thanks to great organisational skills and some top reading.

But, there was always some great action to look out for as we waited, picking up tips for play along the way, "stand back", "watch the ball", "it goes round and round so fast!".


Thanks so much for your wonderful gift Kim.  We certainly found out that a few rounds of Swing Ball can provide us with many great learning opportunities.  By the end of the morning we were even experts at counting backwards from ten.  But really importantly we all had so much fun shared laughter with our friends!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic gift. Great work everyone :-)

Can't wait to be back at kindergarten to join in, have some fun and practice my swing ball skills!

Miss you all, but will see you next week. Christine