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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Family Involvement

Here at Mairtown Kindergarten we really value our families and whānau. We value the time that they spend at Kindergarten and appreciate all the wonderful skills and talents that they bring. Parent and whānau participation fosters their child’s sense of belonging which in turn enriches their learning and development. When our families engage in our programme, sharing their time and skills, they are helping diversify our children’s experiences.

“Children’s learning and development is fostered if the well-being of their family and community is supported. The families of all children should feel that they belong and are able to participate in the early childhood education programme.” (Te Whariki, 1996)

Lately we have had lots of whānau taking time to share their skills and talents with us.

Carol, Eleanor’s mum, has very kindly stitched up some beautiful crowns. These have been enjoyed by many of the children and added to their ever changing imaginary play scenarios.

Janine, Hori’s mum, shared her knowledge of poi with our tamariki, role modelling how to use them and at the same time showing them how much fun they can have with them. This was a beautiful experience for all involved.
Our Nature Programme is a great success due to the fact that we have such dedicated parent helpers. It is because of this parent participation that we are able to run the programme which has huge beneficial outcomes for all the children involved.
It is so lovely when parents and whānau spend time at Kindergarten and engage in activities with their child. Reading books together, working with clay, drawing, writing, having a push on the swings or having a tea party are just a few wonderful happenings that we see regularly at Kindergarten. 

“Parents and whānau should be welcomed and be comfortable and involved in the programme in ways that are meaningful to them and their child…Children and their families should experience an environment where connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended and they know that they have a place.” (Te Whariki, 1996)

When children see their parents and whānau are accepted and welcomed at Kindergarten then this helps them feel safe, secure and ultimately valued. Seeing members of their own family in Kindergarten enhances a child’s sense of identity and belonging, as well as enriching their learning and development.

We like to have an ‘open door’ policy and endeavour to provide a welcoming environment for everyone who walks through our gates. By having this warm and welcoming environment we are able to create meaningful, reciprocal relationships with our families. This leads to open communication which in turn enhances the children’s learning experiences.

Constructive working relationships between teachers and parents/whānau can enhance adults’ knowledge and understanding of children and children’s learning opportunities, and so contribute to children’s learning and wellbeing at home and in the ECE setting. Children who see their parents/whānau working closely together with their teachers “gain a sense of continuity and of being cared for” and experience a ‘trusting and secure environment in which they can learn and grow’.” (New Zealand Council for Educational Research)
We love it that we have such devoted parents and whānau and really appreciate everything that they bring to our learning community at Mairtown Kindergarten. We would love to know if anyone has some talents or skills that they would like to share with us. Cooking, music, art, story-telling, sport, building, anything! We look forward to seeing all the other great ways that our parents and whānau get involved and contribute to the development of our tamariki.


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