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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Wahoo! More success for Christine

If you are a Mairtown Kindergarten Blog follower or are familiar with our team, you may know that last year Christine was awarded with a National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA) and subsequent ASG scholarship (see more about this here: http://mairtownkindy.blogspot.co.nz/2014/10/christines-asg-national-excellence-in.html).

In June, Christine used her scholarship money to travel to Portland, Oregon to attend seminars and learning opportunities at the Opal School Summer Symposium. The focus of this symposium was for likeminded teachers to explore ways that ‘literacy and the arts build upon each other’.

Since returning from this symposium Christine has continued to explore and research possibilities for extending the creative and cognitive capabilities of many of the children at Mairtown, through the use of materials. Christine has also sought out possibilities to aid her own research and teaching goals. In term three she applied for two different national scholarships. Like all work Christine undertakes her applications were eloquent, concise and innovative and so it came as no surprise that Christine was successful in not one but both of her applications!!

Christine has been awarded a 2016 Dr Vince Ham efellows scholarship for teacher research and a Joyce Barns Travel Trust scholarship. 2016 is certainly going to be a very busy but hugely rewarding year for Christine and of course all of us as recipient learners of Christine’s skills and expertise.
At Mairtown we recognise the significance of honouring the successes of others. Our team philosophy is underpinned by the concept of manaaki - of care. This includes hoping for the very best in others - and celebrating their achievements.  On Wednesday we recognised Christine’s most recent successes with a small gathering and delicious shared morning tea at kindergarten.

Christine was honoured by the tamariki (children) and parents/whānau (families) at an informal gathering. Here she  was presented with flowers and a beautiful card full of well wishes. There was also an opportunity for attendees and children to share their thoughts about Christine. Our CEO Richard Storey was also in attendance, he acknowledged Christine for her professionalism, commitment and ‘raising the bar’ for others in early childhood education. It was another very special time of connecting and sharing at Mairtown.

Some words shared with Christine:

‘You are awesome, well done. Congratulations Christine, you are passionate about teaching our children and it’s wonderful to be rewarded for it. Congrats on such an amazing achievement. You deserve it for your talent and your hard work, my best wishes. You are so inspirational. Fantastic work and very well deserved.”

We are all incredibly proud of Christine’s achievements, her commitment and passion for excellence in early childhood education is second to none and compliments the culture of quality that is offered by Zair, Susie, Donna and Sarah, our Mairtown education team.

Me te mihi nui

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

Congratulations Christine!! What exciting news. I so look forward to hearing more about your e-fellowship research - what a wonderful year ahead. Arohanui Beverly