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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wheel-A-Thon 2016

There are many aspects of my work that I love, yet I feel truly privileged and fortunate when I am able to spend time with the families and friends of the children I work alongside. In early childhood education we are especially blessed, as we recognise the importance and value for everyone, when children, whānau and teachers enter into trustful and sustained relationships, and for us at Mairtown our families also recognise this.

Family involvement makes a difference…the family seems to be the most effective…system for fostering and sustaining the child’s development.  Urie Bronfenbrener

Of course, family participation happens everyday at Mairtown, but a true reminder of just how wonderful our whānau and community are in supporting their children was our yearly wheel-a-thon last week. The wheel-a-thon is a very special time for us, a time when family, children, teachers, past (and soon to be present) pupils come together in a wonderfully fun community event.

Although the wheel-a-thon began life several years ago as a fundraiser for Mairtown, it has become a bit of a ritual, something we all look forward to each year. The support and turn out this year was the highest I have ever seen. It was fabulous to see all the effort families had gone to in decorating bikes and scooters, to notice how many friends of children attended, and to see whānau catching up with each other and enjoying each others company.

"Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches." Wanda Hope Carter

Of course after the event, back at kindergarten, the children have been doing lots of talking (and drawing) about their evening. For instance, Nika told us she liked riding her bike best, Pippa.L. said her favourite part was ‘when we lined up and the ice blocks’ while Alex told us all that ‘bringing my tool box’ was his favourite part.

Through this drawing Aurelia tells us, 'This is me and my sister at the wheel-a-thon. We have pink bikes, we had flowers on the bikes.

Whilst Danielia explains, 'This is me on my bike, I went really fast. I goes that way and round and round and round'.

And as a reminder to my earlier comments about our wonderful whānau contributing to our programme at Mairtown, many have also left us some great comments that we can share.
‘It was such a beautiful event. Love seeing the Mairtown kindergarten community coming together…was cool to hang out with other parents and see the kids outside kindy…love it! Well organised and got some great photos – especially of a proud little girl with her medal…we had a wonderful time.’

This year the money raised from the wheel-a-thon is going to buy resources for kindergarten including a new set of ukuleles. It will be marvelous for the children to know that it was their hard work along with the support and dedication from their families, that will enable these new instruments to be enjoyed by so many, and for years to come.

Thank you once again for everyone’s support. Extra big thank you’s have to go to those people who helped with the jobs of chopping onions, preparing bread, transporting the BBQ, cooking the sausage sizzle, taking great photos and for the donation of the sausages – thank you!

Here is a little video clip of some of the photos we captured:

Until next time,

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Liz said...

We loved watching the video! Thanks for such a fun afternoon, well done!