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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Collaborative Art Pieces: Working towards a common goal

Just recently I was doing some work with the children that required them to share the ownership of a piece of art. The children were shown a provocation, a photograph of many beads that had been made using clay and then threaded together to make a ‘person’. Some of the children involved in this activity followed the whole process through from making beads with clay, painting them and then threading them together. Others joined in at different stages of the journey. Whatever the situation was, I took time to talk to them about how this was an art work that we were making together for everyone to enjoy.

“Children’s development occurs through active participation in activities. Collaboration with adults and with other children plays a central role in this development.” (Te Whāriki, 1996)

This brought to light for me the fact that we have a lot of children at Mairtown kindergarten who work well in collaborative situations. This art experience is just one example of how our children competently work together and happily share ownership of products that are produced in the process. In this case it was two lovely beaded people made by many children over a few weeks.

When the art works were displayed I noted that some of the children were discussing different parts that they had contributed to.

“I made that head.” (Juno)

“I did lots of painting the round things. (Wai Manu)

“I did lots. I did making the clay. I did painting. I did putting them together. I did it with other people.” (Willow)

“I did lots of cool painting on this persons beads, lots of different colours aye.” (Archie)

Collaboration -The process of two or more people working together to realise or achieve something successful

To work together and achieve a common goal is a wonderful concept to appreciate and have an understanding of. As I worked closely with the children we discussed how we were working on a project together that would be on display for everyone to see. On one of these occasions Raina and Cleo had a great conversation about what they thought collaboration was.

Cleo: “I know what that means, it means to work together, to get things done good.”

Raina: “I know what it means because Cleo, you just told me. I work together with my friends and my family. We are making these beads beautiful together. I think my Mum will love them and my Dad.”

Cleo: “Yeah, we are making them beautiful together, aye Raina. Everyone will like them.”

Raina: “It’s good working together isn’t it!”

We love to celebrate collaboration at Mairtown Kindergarten. We believe it is a wonderful skill that will support children throughout their learning journey.  Collaborative art is one means that we use to support and foster this. These art pieces were made by lots of children for lots of people to enjoy.

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