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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blocks and more blocks....

Last week we took delivery of some of some beautiful  new colourful blocks (poro rākau) from Grimms in Germany. Since then they have proved to be extremely popular will all the children, and have been used in a variety of creative and imaginative ways. We have seen some stunning work created.

Blocks are a great resource and assist in increasing mathematical and scientific concepts as children count, match, sort, group, add, subtract, divide, measure and classify.

Emma counts on all the tiles in this photograph.



Collaboration and co-operation

Blocks allow for recognition and discovery of symmetry, patterns, volume, area, depth, width and height.

Sheridan’s colour coordinated patterned tower took lots of planning and determination.

Children also develop an understanding about construction theories, such as balance and gravity.

Many of the constructions the children have built have been complex, requiring  experimentation and problem solving.

The blocks have even extended dramatic and imaginative play. In this photograph they become caves for Hvar’s animals.

We have even used them at group time for learning and remembering our colours and shapes in reo Maori.

“Homai koa te tapawha ma – bring me the white square”

We love our new resources – I wonder what other uses the children will invent for them?



Molly said...

Wow! There looks as if there was some good designing and construction at kindy last week!

kim said...

If you are interested in purchasing block sets from Grimm's in Germany, check out the Epiphany toys website, Tauranga, NZ

Another great post. Thanks Christine.

Charlotte said...

Looks like the blocks were quite a hit! :)