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Thursday, 29 September 2011


 Last week we began working on self-portraits with the children. By using mirrors we have encouraged children to look closely at themselves, for instance the curl of their hair, the angle of their chin or the curves around their eyes. The children have shown a real interest in this type of drawing, and it has extended well into this week, with more and more work being done everyday.

As the children looked closely at their faces it provoked a lot of discussion. The children noticed and chatted about the fact that although they all have two eyes, two ears, one nose, lips, eyebrows etc, their faces are all so different from each others.

"Your own face in a mirror is surely one of the most fascinating things to draw" (Kolbe, 2005)

Have a look a selection of some of the great self-portrait work done.

Jessie -May "I need to draw long hair like mine is long"

Jacob "I have brown eyes, big ones

Grace "My face is round not oval. My eyes are an oval and circle too!"

Valin"Check out my mouth and my lip"

Kiedis "These are my stone teeth. It's for eating big guy's like bad guys really hard!"





Daniel "I have greeny eyes so I can look at everything. I have ears so I can listen"

Elizabeth "Daddy even loves my blue eyes. My face is like a circle"



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