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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Camp Fire S'mores

Last week we had our first camp fire, and made some delicious garlic bread. Over the past week we have discussed with the children what we should cook next. There have been so many great ideas, but Ryan’s suggestion of S’mores has had us all intrigued.

I had never heard of S’mores so Ryan along with several of the other children had to teach the rest of us exactly what they were, how to cook them and what ingredients we would need (graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows).

Preparing the fire and safety bubble: Provides a sense of achievement and mastery of skills

Learning with and alongside others develops social skills.

Encouraging shared experiences where children can be the teacher or learner.

Children learn an awareness and respect for fire.

Understanding that some activities have contextual rules.

When the fire was ready for cooking, we had quite a crowd gathered. For safety reasons we decided the teachers should cook the marshmallows.  As we couldn’t get graham crackers, we adapted the ingredients slightly using one chocolate digestive and one plain biscuit. We left it to the children to squeeze the marshmallow between their two biscuits!

As expected the S'mores were quite a hit. This is what some of the children told us about them and what they tasted like;

"They sticked on our hands" Tyler
They tasted "like chocolate berries" Jaxon
Like "a strawberry rainbow" Aimee
Like "icecream" Joseph
Like "white snow" Makenzie

Such wonderfully descriptive language -ka pai tamariki.

We all found it interesting to know that S'mores apparently got their name from children asking for 'some more'.



TracyP said...

ohhhh I am soooooo jealous!!! Abbey went to school at the wrong time!!!

I have always wanted to make S'mores!!

Mairtown Kindergarten said...

They were yummy!
From Lily