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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic Gymnasts at Mairtown

With the beginning of the London Olympics starting last weekend, this week at Kindergarten there have been many discussions, reflections and sharing of knowledge from the children about what the Olympics mean to them.

Although many of the sports have been discussed such as the rowing, weight lifting and swimming, it appears the gymnastics are a real favourite. Aimee came to Kindergarten on Tuesday and announced that she wanted to do the ‘triple dip’ – this inspired us to create our own gymnastic stadium inside.

Before we began however, we set up the projector screen and took some time to watch a few of this years gymnasts at work. We noticed how the gymnasts use many different pieces of equipment such as beams, vaults, rings, hoops, ribbons, even balls; and how this sport is represented by both men and women (constructing knowledge together).

As we watched the gymnastics, the children continued to share their thoughts and ideas and also began to develop ‘working theories’ in relation to the Olympics.

'Children develop working theories through observing, listening, doing, participating, discussing, and representing within a topic and/or activity.'

Whilst some of our discussions were general facts and ideas about the Olympic Games and the gymnasts, some were more focused such as ‘how did the gymnastics learn their skills?’

As always the children’s answers are wonderfully informative giving us a real insight into their knowledge and thinking. Here are some of their words:

“They are on the T.V at my house” Aimee
“When I grow up, I’m going to do that” Jessie-May
“And I’m going to do the big one” (referring to one of the men) Kaleb
 “Look at her, she’s so cool, cause she does tricks – she’s awesome! She’s like a kangaroo jumping. She’s my dentist” (referring to one of the gymnasts!) Ryan 
“Cor, he has strong muscles, he looks like a helicopter blade – my dad can do that” Corey
 “They get energy to do that. They do exercising and stretching” Jessie-May
“Their dads teach them” Kaleb

After some more observing everybody was ready to give the gymnastics a go themselves. We began with some floor work.

And then moved onto the beam.

You can do it Aimee” Ryan

How great to see the children supporting and encouraging each other in their work.

Check out the little collection of video clips showing our skilled Mairtown children taking part in their own Olympics.

"Engaging in physical skills assists in developing locomotor skills (the body moving in any direction from one point to another) and Stability skills (the body balancing either in one place (static) or while in motion (dynamic)". SportNZ

As the Olympics progress over the next couple of weeks, I can't help but wonder where the children's interests will take us to next?



Anonymous said...

oh they are sooo cute!! and they have very good interpretation of what they have seen! I now understand what Jaxon was talking about when he was going on about hopping everywhere! Cant wait til they decide they want to try something else, the athletics will be a good one!

Mairtown Kindergarten said...

That was so cool. The Olympics and my floor work, and I practice and I practice until I did it.

From Jessie-May