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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Into the river

We have had weeks of winter rain and drizzly weather lately. So the promise of sunshine inspired us to 'let the river flow'.

The first task when getting the river ready is to fill the trough with water. Our river runs by recirculating water through pipes then pumping it back down the riverbed. This provides us with both moving water and sustainable practice (an important part of our Kindergarten's focus).

As the water trough filled, it was time to take off socks and shoes and roll up trouser legs. There was also lots of discussion about the temperature of the water 'I wonder if it's gonna be cold?'

It sure was! And to begin with there was lots of leaping, gasps and curled up toes.

As the water from the trough flowed into the riverbed an idea was raised to block the flow with a damn.

Building a damn is a great opportunity for collaboration and team work.

Stacking stones to fill gaps engages problem solving skills

With the damn built it was time to test it out. The team gave the countdown and the pump was switched on to shouts of Hooray!

As the flow ebbed it's way down the river the industrious work of damn building soon changed to deeper engagement with the water.

Moving water arouses curiousity and invokes imagination as children question, explore and predict what might happen next.

Pumpimg water by hand
adds to the flow and requires
lots of muscle work.

Floating flowers helps to track the current and provides early science concepts.


Water play (even when a bit chilly!) is an essential element to nature education. Water delights the senses and engages the mind. It is a true gift from Nature which is throughly loved at Kindergarten.


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Walt Ballenberger said...

Quite an ambitious project for kindergarten! Your kids are very cute. We wish you could send some of that rain our way. We’re in a severe drought in U.S. Alternative teaching license